The SE Notebook

Learn how to become a Sales Engineer, grow your abilities,
and develop a career in technical sales.

What You'll Learn

Getting Hired

Do you have the right skills to get hired? Will you be a generalist or a specialist? Learn how to get hired and map out a career plan that works for you.

Technical Sales Essentials

Regardless of your experience, there are several essentials to being successful. You'll dive into key topics including time management, proposal writing, and more.

Understanding Your Clients

Nothing is worse than losing deals. Understanding your customer's needs, pain points, and challenges will help you get to "yes" everytime.

Building Soft Skills

One of the most overlooked aspects of sales are soft skills. You'll learn how to improve your writing, communication, and presentation skills.

Selling Strategically

Selling tactically is painful. Learn the difference between selling products vs. services and how to build holistic solutions.

Leveraging Technology

In a constantly evolving technical landscape you need to keep pace with the market and leverage the best tools at your disposal. Learn which tools will take you the furtherest.

How Strategic are You?

Have you ever wanted to be more strategic with your clients? In our free course course on strategic selling for Sales Engineers, you'll learn how to truly understand customer pain points, build trusted relationships, and focus your efforts on long term strategic solutions.

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Q & A

Who's this course for?

Sales Engineers, obviously, but more specifically, anyone who is looking to break into technical sales or just starting out. This course is not for exprienced Sales Engineers as they will probably know or have experienced most of these topics already.

Do you offer a sample lesson from the course?

We do not, however we do offer a free course to get you started. Check out our free Sales Engineer Guide to Strategic Selling course.

How are the lessons paced?

Once you purchase the course you will receive access to the entire course and all the resources. There is no drip content or additional paywalls. If you want to tear through the materials in one day, go for it! Prefer to take your time and act on each lesson? No problem. It’s completely up to you.

Have more questions?

Fire away. We are happy to help! A lot of time and effort went into making this course and we want to make sure its a good fit for those that purchase it. We don’t want to waste your time or money.