The SE Notebook

Learn how to become a Sales Engineer, grow your abilities,
and develop a career in technical sales.

Lessons Overview

Lesson 1

A Sales Overview

An intro to the sales cycle and members of a sales team.

Lesson 2

Becoming an SE

Learn how to build your skills and get hired as a Sales Engineer.

Lesson 3

The Ramp Up

You've got the job! Now you must survive the ramp up process.

Lesson 4

The Numbers Game

Understanding quotas, revenue, and profit.

Lesson 5

Client Meetings

How to shine and make the most of each meeting.

Lesson 6

Strategic Selling

Learn how to design stategic solutions, not one-off sales.

Lesson 7

Challenging Clients

Beware of toxic clients and know how to respond to them.

Lesson 8

Evaluations & Demos

Learn how to plan, execute, and follow through on the perfect demo every time.

Lesson 9

Soft Skills

Perfect your writing, communication, and presentation skills.

Lesson 10


Learn how vendors and partners work together in a tag team approach.

Lesson 11

Marketing 101

Marketing techniques you can use to close more sales while providing value to clients.

Lesson 12

Time Management

Make the most of your time while getting things done.

Lesson 13

Crafting Proposals

Scope and design proposals that embody clear solutions while showing immense value.

Lesson 14

Request for Proposals

A necessary evil in sales; contracts with high risk and (sometimes) high rewards.

Lesson 15

Project Management

It's not just about sales. Learn about the before and after of projects.

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