The Sales Engineer Guide to Strategic Selling

Six free lessons that will change the way you think about technical sales
and teach you how to sell more strategically.

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Lessons Overview

Lesson 1

Defining Your Perfect Client

Learn to identify the traits of your perfect client. Once you know who they are, find and retain them.

Lesson 2

A Better Discovery Process

Make use of automation and filters to ensure that you focus on your perfect client and nothing else.

Lesson 3

The First Client Meeting

Your time costs you money. Learn how to run the perfect first meeting to maximize your return and minimize your time waste.

Lesson 4

The Art of Listening

If you don't hear what your clients need, how can you offer them a solution? Level up your listening skills.

Lesson 5

Building a Strategic Solution

Selling is more than simple transactions. Learn how to build a holistic solution and show your value add.

Lesson 6

Continuous Feedback

Feedback, in all forms, will help you do your job better. Setup a continuous feedback loop with your clients so you are always learning.

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